Attention Bostonians!

The Banditos Misteriosos are putting on their annual live-action adventure on September 29th. I went with a friend last year, and we spent most of the day careening semi-randomly around the Back Bay and Fenway trying to save historical figures from evil time-travelers, who turned out (I think) to be us (sort of).

(We actually broke the game several times, mostly sequence-breaking, and mostly due to me being entirely too good at these things. No less fun, though.)

This year the theme is apparently a school field trip. I may show up wearing a schoolgirl skirt and knee socks. No way to tell! If anyone wants to be on my team, I signed up with the email address I don't know how many people they're allowing per group this year, so I suppose it's first come, first serve. Don't forget also to RSVP at their Facebook page, so they can plan properly.

[Edit: here is the link specifically for requesting a spot on my team. Again, I have no idea how many people are allowed per team. You can also sign up on your own team by using links given on the Facebook page I have listed above.]


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