Photos from the show on Thursday night have started to come in. Hooray!

There were about nine thousand photographers hanging around, both backstage and on the floor. The relatively small proportion of photos posted to photos taken back (well, up) in the staging area seems strange until you realize that we had seventeen models, the other designer had about a dozen models, and the SFX makeup designer also had people wandering around somewhere. People who are doing theatrical things have long since learned to check their modesty at the door. Our group had a costume change partway through, complicated by a shortage of MUA/stylists which meant that when you were called to get your face painted, you went no matter what you were or weren't wearing -- which is to say, the 'togs are probably having to cull all the photos that ended up full of unintentional tits.

The Rubenesque Latex show did not involve any intentional tits either -- although someone else did, as you can see in Greg Caparell's Facebook album here -- but it hardly matters when you're wearing latex clothing. A lot of our models had interesting cutouts, minuscule skirts, or just a general lack of pants. Personally, I had a décollete that was about a quarter inch lower than 'scandalous', and would have been catastrophic if not for the fact that latex sticks where you damn well put it. Behold:
Image: rubicat photography

It was actually even more dangerous than it looks up there -- the neckline curves down in the middle. The hat was fashioned by Rivengurl, and after a crash course in how you pin three feet of hair up and make it stay (first lesson: "Using braids as a foundation"), she also somehow managed to get the chapeau to perch on my head. I do not know how. Magic, I'm guessing.

Also not visible in that particular backstage shot is the skirt, which had an inset with gears stenciled on it.

Image: Kev Cool

Image: Kev Cool
That ensemble is apparently referred to all over Doll's show notes as "the steampunk outfit". (That's Doll, incidentally, lurking behind me in the first photo.) I only regret that I had no appropriate goggles or parasol to bring with me. The general theme for the show seems to have been dolls; everyone was in very heavy, very stylized makeup. Hilariously, you can tell that some of the girls have almost pancake foundation on their faces but nothing on their arms and legs, but I turn entirely that almost-bluish bloodless color under spotlights, no help needed.

You can see the entire Rubenesque showcase here:

It was fantastic and fun and I would write more except I have yet another thing tomorrow, for which I have to be at the other end of the Red before noon, even, so that I can carpool to Worcester. So I am going to bed. The RAW Boston showcase Facebook page is here; feel free to go rummaging through it to find the neat pictures that I'm not posting because they're all of other people.


  1. Glad is was a success, and good luck on your next gig.

  2. Fierce! Love the creativity and colour.


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