Sorry for the radio silence, gang, but I've been doing about nine things at once for the past week. I try to keep things queued up, but I've been writing other stuff, piecing together a cocktail dress (by hand; I don't own a machine, because I think they're terrifying finger-eating contraptions which mostly enable me to bollix things up even faster than I normally would), booking shoots, working my "regular" job, and various and sundry other things, all to a constant backdrop of QI  on YouTube, which I will get around to explaining later.

Just as a reminder, I -- and a lot of other strange and highly attractive people -- will be appearing tonight at The Estate, 1 Boylston Place, in the RAW Provocations art show. I'm walking for a designer named Doll Hart who works in candy-colored latex; we have two other fashion shows running, several musicians, many photographers, one girl whose talent is listed as "circus performance", and someone who does something unspecified with paint, but whose appearance had the organizers discussing whether or not they would need extra tarps during our walkthrough. The show starts at 7pm, and I believe tickets are $15 at the door. If you're in Boston and have a burning need to see me in what amounts to body paint with seams in it, do stop by.

Regular transmissions will resume as soon as I can chuck enough punch cards into the feeder and finish some of the things that are lying around as drafts. Tschüß!


  1. Aw, damn! I do so wish I wasn't closing tonight!

  2. Hope everything went swimmingly at the walk. (Or will go, depending on when you wrote the post or read this reply.)


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