Just tripped over the laptop cord. It was either that or squash the rat I was holding. Computer hit the floor, while running. All the hardware tests I can get to -- which aren't many -- say the base hardware is okay, but something about the bump hosed Windows. I would see if reinstalling fixed it, but I abandoned my Vista disc somewhere back in Phoenix and hell if I'm going to add "was forced to call my parents and tell them where I live so they can mail me a DVD for an OS that was kind of crap to begin with" to my list of woes.

Always did say I would starve before not having a computer; guess it's off to MicroCenter in the morning to put my money where my mouth is.

Anyone was idly pondering the idea of hiring me for something or just donating, now would be a really good time. I can get email and do some blogging on the Kindle or at Tisch, but I need a browser with Flash to do my actual job.