Quick update

Rat is not moving much, but on the other hand is still moving. He is confused by how I keep going over there and poking him just to make sure he's still raticating, but this counts as attention so he's not really complaining. He seems comfortable, at least when he's full of Tylenol and Benadryl, and right now he is frantically cramming a chunk of banana into his food hole.

I've accepted an offer to guest-blog for a friend of mine, Victoria Meredythe, from time to time. She's a remarkable young woman, an excellent writer, and a talented artist -- she generally covers weightier subject matter than I do, but the reading is well worth it. She controls the scheduling of the articles, so I don't know for sure yet when they'll be going up, but keep an eye out. This is on top of posting something or another every day on here, which I did pretty well with last year and am going to try to keep up in 2013.

Thank you so very much to those of you who sent donations. I don't always know who goes to what username and I don't like giving real names out to the wild interwebs, but you guys know who you are. I'm going out to buy boring but needed things with it, like groceries and replacement socks. Occasionally someone, usually somebody's mother, complains that there's no way to make sure I use money for fun instead of dull necessities; if you are typing up your version of this right this very moment, then the Amazon Wishlist link is on the right, under the donate button, and any other arbitrary Kindle book you think I ought to read can be gifted to miss.arabella.flynn at gmail.com. Amazon has a large selection of free Kindle books and apps as well, which can be sent the same way, and which you can probably have loads of fun with even if you're broke.

If you just want to do something karmically nice, then pimp my blog. I like having readers! I like having readers who comment! I hate the feeling that I'm talking to thin air.

[Pointless update to the update: I bought tennis shoes, if anyone cares. My skate shoes finally died. Did you know that Converse soles are made of cork under the rubber grippy layer? I do now!]