Further updates: T is open again, except for Commuter Rail, ferry service, and the RIDE, which will start back up tomorrow on the normal Saturday schedule. They say "limited service", which I expect means, "no faster than we can eyeball everybody getting through the gates". This also means that everyone they want is accounted for, or someone thinks they are, which is good news. I hope.

That also means I get to go out and buy more Aleve tomorrow morning, because I'm almost out and goddamn am I going to need it. I hate migraines.

[Edit: Apparently they haven't lifted the lockdowns yet. The T goes very far outside the boundaries of those -- and Boston is still rather deserted. Normally everyone is trying to race each other outbound right now, but nobody could get to work this morning, so...]

[Edit to the edit: I have a feeling the last dude's dead somewhere. Either he was wounded and has bled out, or he shot himself at some point when he realized he couldn't get out of the cordon. Every LEO in the state is looking for him right now. We also have National Guard stationed here, who have been hovering around the T in full BDUs since at least Tuesday morning.

The request for the public to stay indoors has evidently now been lifted. I haven't checked to see if we've gotten today's mail, but there's been people outside and sporadic vehicular traffic down my street pretty much all day. We're pretty far out of the city.]