Just a note to all y'all, that I have successfully retrieved my Watson from the airport, and will probably not be blogging loads for a little while. I'm not dead, I'm just Sherpa-ing her around Boston. She also grew up in Arizona; if I just let her loose on the streets of Cambridge, I'm pretty sure we'd never see her again.


  1. Hope you have lots of fun while she's up visiting. :)

    1. So far, so good. Moggie isn't necessarily much for the usual historic monuments and tourist attractions, but she's fascinated by city infrastructure. She's so far spent most of her time on the subway with her face smashed against the window, looking for sidings, and for reasons that escape me was enchanted by the T commuter rail. Tomorrow she wanted to go hunting for a museum of anatomical curiosities which turns out to be out near Brigham and Women's Hospital somewhere, and will therefore involve streetcars.

    2. Most excellent! I can understand the fascination with the subway. It kept me entertained as a kid on the London Underground, and more recently I read a book on the subterranean workings of London which was so interesting. It detailed all the disused stations, the rivers and sewers and how the Underground lines were built in the first place, and also the Underground fluffers. Who were the people who sweep the asbestos dust off the tracks. Must have been great for their health...


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