My sidekick is looking for a book for her paper. It's by Ann Cameron, "Sidekicks in American Literature", published 2002. It's for a summer course, so she needs it fairly quickly. I've been trying to find her a copy she can get her paws on in a timescale shorter than 'months'. It is theoretically available to buy, but most sites that list it turn out to be lying, and the lowest price I've seen is $100 for a 175pp monograph. Amazon lists one copy for $565, which just has to be a joke -- and it's used, so the ludicrous price wouldn't even be going to the author.

The only local (to me) copy that I can find is in Widener at Harvard, to which I do not have access, because unlike everyone else in this city, Harvard doesn't share their toys. The only local (to her) copy I can find is at the University of Arizona library, and having attempted to get things out of there via ILL from NAU myself, I doubt it'll come through in time.

If anyone has a copy of this book they're willing to let me at, please tell me. My plan is to photocopy or scan either the relevant bits, or the entire damnable thing. (Really. I've done it before. It turns out that university libraries don't care, as long as you're quiet. You can stand over me and watch if you're worried about your copy.) Moggie seems to be planning on coughing up the $100 for it anyway, but she kind of needs it faster than it's likely to arrive from the UK, which for some reason is where most of the used copies ship from.

It looks to be an extension or revision of Cameron's thesis, which seems to have happened at Purdue ca. 2000, so if anyone's there and can tell me if badgering it out of the library would be at all helpful, please do. (I have in fact gotten people's doctoral theses out of foreign libraries before. It turns out that if you do this to anthropology professors, it makes them really nervous.) Or, in the unlikely event that you happen to be Ann Cameron, we love you and drop us a line please?


  1. This may not help, but she can get a pdf of the original dissertation for $37:

  2. There's an email (and phone) for Ann Cameron at


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