All right, I'm down to panicking again. Legitimately, I think.

I'm in a sublet that ends 8/31. I had to move abruptly at the end of July, about two days after I started a new job. I was literally, if slowly, starving before that. I cannot find anyone who will let me sign a lease right now, because I don't have $1500-2000 to hand over for first/last/deposit. I have no useful family to speak of, and do not know anyone who could conceivably lend me that much money.

What I DO have is
  • About $800, come Friday's paycheck
  • Very little in the way of material possessions
  • A rat
Re-homing the rat is not really an option. He's old, he's not in good health, and I am the only mommy he's ever had. He lives in a cage, except when he's sleeping in my lap.

I need a place to put me that is within the MBTA local service area, so I can still get to work. Work, where I will be going today, in fact. I have no idea how I'm going to get anything done.

somebody please help.


  1. Cna't really help, though I wish I could. Have sent a small donation your way regardless, accompanied by crossed fingers and jedi mind powers.

  2. I wish I could offer you the spare room, but it's in NJ. Which doesn't help much, but IS a possible LAST resort. At least you won't starve or end up on the street.

    Adding to the jedi mind powers - and sending a small donation.

  3. I'm on the opposite coast. First/last/deposit is a pain, I know, but from a land lord's perspective it only takes getting burned once before you decide it needs to be a firm policy.
    I wish you the best of home hunting luck.

    1. Oh, I understand why landlords do it. I just spendtlast night grinding my teeth and sobbing because I'm doing my damndest to do everything "right" and IT'S STILL NOT WORKING. I was a good kid, I went to college, I got my degree, and I work hard -- it feels goddamned unfair to get turfed out by my landlady because of reasons that have fuck-all to do with me, and then have to keep teetering on the brink of homelessness.

      This is why I have Xanax. So I can keep spamming people on craigslist about sublets and post to my blog about it, instead of going completely to pieces and camping out in the ER lobby at MGH.

    2. I used to think the Puritan strain in our culture was the worst, the part that says fun must be sinful. However I have decided that I despise the Calvinist part more....the part that says that if you are virtuous and work hard you will prosper. Virtuous and hard working people don't always get rich. You can't judge how much someone is worth by their bank account. Bad things happen to good people all the time. I was caught up in the idea that if I was good I would do well and be secure and loved. I have since learned that doesn't work, but, I can be a decent person because that's what I want to be, and find whatever security and love that I can along the way.
      I'm not in a position to help much, myself. I'm west coast, and though I have a secure roof, I have roommates and cats.

    3. The commute would be a little bit too much, I think. But I appreciate the thought.

  4. Good wishes and a donation from me too.


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