Okay, back to maybe emergency? I was told to show up today to sign the lease, but the landlady has fucked off early for Labor Day, and apparently will not be back until Tuesday morning. There is no Earthly reason why I should not qualify for this apartment, and the two roommates who already live there like me and want me to just move my stuff in early Saturday afternoon and crash there until it's official.

So I am gambling that the landlady is not bugnuts and will see that I have provided proof of more than enough income to pay her for the room in a timely fashion, and dragging my stuff out there. But if the house asplodes or the landlady for some reason demands I be able to pay the full rent for all four people by myself if I live there or something similarly bonkers... we are back to emergency.

[Edit: Northampton is lovely but seriously I do not want to move all my stuff out there for a weekend and then haul it back again.]


  1. I know. Really. It all depends on levels of desperation.

    1. Well, they had two of four roommates flake on them, one less than a week ago. So I'd say there's desperation on all sides of the equation, in re: the apartment.

      I was specifically told that the landlady wanted me back in person, which suggests that she just wants to make double-sure I'm not an axe murderer before she lets me sign things. I turned up with all manner of ID and proof that I had jobs and income and a bank account with money in it, which probably helped.


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