Update. Still an emergency. No response from most of the people whose ads I answered. One response was quite rude and denounced me for not answering my phone the very instant he called (inside a building, in a dead spot, and Unknown Number -- how was I supposed to pick up OR call back?).

I have secured a loan from a very generous patron, so I do have first/last/deposit now. I just need somewhere to go.

Like, for reals. I must be out on the 31st. This is a sublet -- I can't negotiate for more time. At minimum, I have to have a place to stay overnight, because no one else will let me move in until the 1st. I can't go to a hotel or a hostel, because I have a ton of luggage and an animal.

I am not sufficiently attached to the furniture in here to want to move it ever again. If anyone wants a desk or a bureau or the thing I've been using as a cage stand, you can come haul it off. Donations welcome, but free is fine.