[Advent Calendar 2013] "Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2012"

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year is a UK tradition, generally airing on Boxing Day. It's a pub quiz, more or less, about events of the past year; even if you don't know about the UK-centric events, you can pretty much guess what happened, and a surprising amount of US news leaks across the pond. Last year's featured Jack Whitehall, who will flirt with anything on two feet; Jonathan Ross, who has a bajillion comic books in his collection but virtually no filter on his mouth; Russell Howard, who is cheerful as ever and patently surreal; and Richard Ayoade, who is terrifyingly shy but has apparently taken a liking to the rest of the panel, because that's the most I've ever seen anyone get out of him without a script.

Jimmy Carr, the host, is one of those comedians who intentionally crosses the line over and over again with his act in order to make a point, but whom I'm increasingly convinced is actually quite a nice chap in person. People who are genuinely assholes tend to not be invited back to shows like Top Gear, which has perennial Protection From BBC Execs on account of getting on the wrong side of Jeremy Clarkson is usually not worth the media trouble it nets you. He also seems to get along with people like Dara Ó Briain, another man not noted for holding back if someone insists on acting like a twat.


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