[Advent Calendar 2013] Top Gear - "Middle East Special"

Top Gear Three Wise Men episode Middle East Special Season 16 Episode

Watch as Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May trek from an undisclosed drop point to Bethlehem as only they can. It has all the elements of a classic Top Gear Christmas special -- cheap cars that are completely unsuited to the environment, a hurried shopping trip undertaken by idiots, an open air campout implied to involve substances that are thoroughly illegal at home, and a puzzling inability to drive in the right damn direction more than 50% of the time.

They do one of these every year. This year's is supposed to be Burma/Thailand, which was taped in October. Others worth watching are the Bolivia special, where Clarkson has a chainsaw, May has a machete, and Hammond has at least half a dozen carmelized coca-leaf candies; the Botswana special, where Hammond falls so in love with his Opel Kadett that he names the thing Oliver, has it shipped back to the UK, and later makes it a co-presenter on Blast Lab!; and the Polar Special, where the three of them are better at being gentleman explorers -- for certain values of 'gentlemanly' -- than anyone else has been in decades.


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