All right. All the interesting crowds at the Garden are past the flood of red, white and blue balloons, through security where the ticket-holders are. I actually probably have $100 worth of interest in seeing the last day of the US Nationals tomorrow, but I don't have $100 of money to back that up, so never mind. I may have $35 of interest in getting nosebleed seats for the finale exhibition in the evening, but it'll probably come down to tickets or eating. Although, given what I've heard, in a really ironic, fucked-up way, foregoing food for figure skating would be entirely in the spirit of the sport.

Anyone else has $35 of interest in sending me as a journalist, feel free. Otherwise I'm going to go do some math, and see if I can figure out where the backstage entrance to the TD Garden is. They can't keep you out of most of the place; the public restrooms and the hockey box office are on the level right below the event seating, and the really good seats actually let out right past the end of the underground causeway. Security is, however, paying attention. One of the event guys asked me if I was lost while I was staring at all the balloons, and one of the ones watching the Premium Seating entrance held the door for me as I was on my way back to the T.

[Edit: If I do go, I'll probably be the only one not in a USA windbreaker and leggings. My life has a dress code, dammit. Tracking down Johnny Weir rates makeup and furs.]