My irresponsible dudebro roommate has gotten the internet turned off again. He's done this about every other month since I moved in. I am understandably frustrated, especially since I need the internet on to work. If Comcast comes through asking for a literal pound of flesh to get the connection turned back on, he's going to wake up to me with a cleaver, asking him which limb is his least favorite.

This is on top of having to cough up extra rent this month. A different roommate decided to move out halfway through the lease, and failed to find a replacement for himself. The landlady pitched a fit and started leaving us angry letters about not returning calls, which turned out to be less than accurate -- we were returning her calls, but she'd only given us her business number, all of us were working while she was there, and she thought voicemails didn't count.

Particularly angry-making is the reason he moved out, which was that someone had ditched on his girlfriend and he just couldn't leave her in that kind of mess. Yeah. The other girl in the apartment is also livid to the point where I offered to give her swearing lessons in the language of her choice.

We found a replacement who, in the four whole days between agreeing to take the place and signing onto the lease, was let go from her job. I'm not ticked at her -- I'm ticked at the universe on her behalf, and I hope she's doing all right. At least she's part of the Circus Guild. Someone will feed her, if need be; they're nigh-on Romany about things like that.

I'm at BPL right now, trying to get some work done, and secondarily banking some blog stuff so you all aren't deprived of my daily brain drool while I am trying to figure out how to sort this out and also eat. I already don't get a LinkPass this month, which drives me berserk, because then I have to actually plan trips into town instead of just getting on the damn train and going wherever, whenever I want.


  1. I wouldn't even ask him which limb is his least favorite. Just let him wake up to find out which you thought he was least likely to miss. Much less irritating conversation that way.


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