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Best Bi Short Stories Kickstarter

The literary anthology the bi community deserves!

Circlet Press is proud to announce a new Kickstarter campaign for the book "Best Bi Short Stories: An Anthology of Bisexual Literary Fiction".  Compiled and edited by bisexual visibility activist and writer Sheela Lambert, "Best Bi Short Stories" is a 23-author anthology of bisexual fiction, including contributions from Katherine V. Forrest, Ann Herendeen, Jane Rule, James Williams, and Jan Steckel. Find the tale behind the book -- and why the effort has culminated in a Kickstarter campaign -- here, with details of what you'll get for supporting their efforts to both publish and pay the authors a reasonable wage for their work.

And please, feel free to spread the word! If you have a news site, personal blog, or even just a Facebook page, share our campaign! A variety of banners and graphics are also available here.