...fucking hell, did you guys know there's a 9 a.m. on Saturdays now, too? Of all the things I did not want to verify experimentally. Who thinks this shit up?

Anyway, the reason I'm awake right now is that we have a new roommate, and we were supposed to sign a lease with her this morning. We didn't, of course, because it wasn't ready and the landlady's daughter had no idea what we were talking about, but I got her to take a photocopy of the new tenant's ID as proof that we did show up as promised, and we'll be back to straighten things out Monday.

We're moving Jazmin Firewing into the spare room as soon as we get everything inked. She's the one who gave me a lift from the airport when I first got here, and it's nice that I'm able to do her a favor in return. I also happen to know that she's not a whoremongering smackhead axe-murderer, and is gainfully employed, so there's that.

I've now also taken the trash out, and having accomplished my one important goal for the day, am going the fuck back to bed.