The power is out at our apartment.

Correction: The power has been shut off at our apartment, for non-payment. Specifically, Joel Guzman owes NStar over $1300. I have no idea what this has to do with us or our electric bill, because no one named Joel Guzman lives in our apartment. But it has resulted in our power being shut off nonetheless.

I don't think they can hold us liable for a bill in someone else's name charged against an account opened under someone else's SSN, but I also don't know how much of a deposit they'll want to restart the power under one of our names, or if they'll need it immediately. My net worth is currently about $17. One of the two responsible roommates is gone until the 20th.

I had to fuck off to someplace with functional wifi to do any or all of the jobs that bring in money, and maybe find out if I could fix the power thing online. Except this did not work. I picked BPL Copley, because no one can fucking get me at the library, only to find that for some reason the loaner Mac would not load the login page for the wireless, and the NStar site does not work on either my phone or my Kindle.

I came down to the dance studio early. The asshole who spent so much time hitting on me he failed to do his goddamn job is here, and since he is talking to the other desk clerk, won't get out from behind the fucking desk. So I'm across the room, pretending this is necessary for me to charge things.

The main reason I haven't started punching the walls yet is that I don't know how to punch things properly, and I don't think breaking my hand would help.