Have been poking around tumblr in search of attractive men, mostly as a distraction for Moggie, who has a grad school interview in the morning and would otherwise be all fibberty-gibbert. I note the following things about Chris Evans:
  1. He has done a lot of terrible movies.
  2. Also several really good ones, even aside from Captain America.
  3. Jimmy Fallon has gotten him to play beer pong on the air. Twice.
  4. He's not great at beer pong but he's fascinatingly good at handling the ping pong balls. I have a feeling he's trying not to drink his beers like Ford Prefect was trying not to drink his Ol' Janx Spirit.
  5. His idea of doing a character piece for an entertainment magazine is to invite the reporter out with his friends and drink her under the table. He did later fill her in on what happened between the last bit she remembered and the part where she woke up still dressed and probably still hammered in his guest room the next day.
  6. He is loud and cantankerous about LGBT rights. Like, baffled that this is still a thing, why is this still a thing, what is wrong with you people? loud. Good!
  7. He does not dodge questions about his love life so much as he steers them gently into a large smiley brick wall. All I can get from his Twitter feed is that he appears to be in a long-term committed relationship with the New England Patriots, and seeing the Red Sox and the Celtics on the side. Him and most of Boston.
  8. He is really naked in a lot of his moves .Really really naked. Holding a strategic hand towel while casually chatting with a neighbor naked.
  9. This unfortunately has no bearing on the overall quality of the film he's being naked in. See point 1, I may wind up watching some of these with the sound off. I'm not watching Not Another Teen Movie at all. I got through Inkubo and Karla and The Pillow Book but dammit, even I have standards.
  10. He admits to tap dancing. Someone needs to get him to demonstrate. Ideally in costume with the chorus girls from the first Captain America movie.
Also, he's nearsighted. Moggie dug up a bunch of stuff from The Losers from wherever it is she unearths photos of scruffy young men in glasses. They're not prop glasses; there's distortion at the edges of the lenses, and a halo of light across his face right inside the shadows from the wire frames. (Magnifying glasses concentrate light in the middle. Lenses for myopia throw it to the edges.) Nobody adds that in Photoshop, because it's a PITA and nobody notices; nobody takes it out in Photoshop either, because it's almost impossible, and if you hate it you just have the actor take his damn glasses off for the photo. I've seen him in specs before, but they were all red carpet photos for Marvel things, and frankly I couldn't swear in court he hadn't stolen RDJ's specs for purposes of shenanigans, because have you seen this cast? They're all twelve, especially when you get them in the same room.