Some days, you just have to accept that nothing useful is going to get done.

I had plans to cook. The oven, we have discovered, makes the kitchen smell of gas when turned on. Maintenance will be here to fix it... tomorrow.

Quit. Ate nothing. Cracked and went across the street to the Compleat Stoner at about 9pm, after it became evident that if I had to figure out how to cook something, I was not going to eat.

I had plans to work. I opened up a document and stared at it blankly for an hour before I decided to try something else.

Quit. Frustrated. Because normally this is easy.

I had plans to practice with a hoop. I have a room big enough to do at least some things with them now. I had to stop for a while, because I wasn't eating enough. Spent an hour doing... nothing in particular.

Quit. Put the hoop away. Went to take a shower. Work document still blank.

I had plans to read. I sorted out my library fines and got a new card, as I can't find my old one. The idiot tax, as it turns out, is only a dollar. I poked things until the electronic downloads worked and went and got a stack of physical things from Copley, including the short course in Hebrew, because as it turns out, I'm missing some grammar.

Quit. Cannot keep my mind on the math book, still feel weirdly self-conscious about biographies. I realize this is madness. Work document still blank.

I had plans to write. There is a bunch of stuff circling in my head, about Rosh HaShanah services, about The Late Show premiere, about Patheos blogs, about everything, about nothing.

At half past two in the morning, this is what you get. And the work document is still blank.

Days like this make me question my ability to take care of myself.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, yesterday I had a massive brain fart about the schedule of my own classes that I teach and missed class.

  2. A lot of that sounds like it could be due to underfedness.

    I think days like that happen to a lot of us. For me, it's more 'go somewhere, get off the T at the wrong stop, get back on, go further, realize this is too far, backtrack, realize the first stop was the right one and I didn't recognize it because ... just go home, nothing will go right today'.

    We mostly still survive.


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