Here is everyone's regularly-scheduled reminder that I write better when all my bills are paid, and I'm not in danger of starving. I have a GoFundMe account, currently running the Un-F@$k My Life campaign, and a Patreon account for rolling fundraising. If you wish to get my blog auto-delivered to you via Kindle, Amazon will do it for a dollar a month. Random free-floating money can be thrown in my direction by going to

Where does this money go? To rent, mostly; to paying various utility bills; to paying off the trainwreck that occurred when two of four roommates fucked off out of our last apartment without paying or leaving a forwarding address; and occasionally to keeping me from going any more insane than is reasonably entertaining.

By way of illustration, one of the recurring bills this goes towards paying is my monthly LinkPass, which gives me unlimited local travel on subways, trolleys, and buses. Without a LinkPass, I wind up walking everywhere. Aside from stressing me out and making me drop weight I can ill afford, walking takes up a hell of a lot of time, and I can't really do much of anything while I tromp along.

If I have a LinkPass, I get to take the train. Boston is laid out hilariously badly, so this takes up a lot of time, although usually somewhat less than walking does. There's absolutely nothing to do on the train except stare at things until I reach my stop. This is to your direct benefit, because when I have nothing to do except stare at things, typically I stare at books. I read insanely quickly (at least in English), so this results in me doing things like running down the entire collected output of Oliver Sacks, which goes through the mill and comes out again in the form of blog entries about the kinds of random flotsam that most people go to grad school to learn about.

If you're more interested in sending things for me to write about directly, Kindle books can be gifted to the same address as general correspondence, Note that I have found out the hard way that only Kindle books bought on Amazon US can be sent to my Kindle -- I have no idea why they care if I read things in French and German, but evidently they do, and they are being sumbiches about it. If you want to order things I've mentioned, I've rather given up trying to keep the full pages up to date, but I've made some effort to put the recent non-fiction books here. Those are all Amazon Affiliate links; it doesn't cost you any more to buy books through there, but I get kickbacks in the form of Amazon credit.

I much prefer to feel like I'm working for my money, so if you have contributed a one-time donation or signed up for a continuing patronage, requests for articles on the topic of your choice get priority. I figure on a rate of about a penny a word, although you might get a better value if you happen to choose something interesting. For locals, or those who feel like sending things endlessly back and forth through the mail, I also tailor clothing, copy garments, and build custom commissions like costumes and hats.


  1. I just sent you an amount in GBP via PayPal, so you can tie it in.

    If you're taking requests, do you have any thoughts on fanfic as a cultural phenomenon?

    Or if you don't read fic, then alternatively, Michael Fassbender is all over the place lately but I can't get a read on him, what does your Sherlocking tell you?

    Or failing both of those, more stuff about gifted children and what we end up doing as adults?

    Hopefully one of those will work for you.


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