So much for doing okay.

Welp. I've just got an email telling me that my steady QA work, the one that paid my rent, is ending. In nine days.

I am not, apparently, being fired; no one has complained at me for anything, and so far as I can tell from the form letter, it is nothing I did. It seems to just be that someone's budget has been cut somewhere, and they are scaling back. I did assume that at some point they would reorganize and decide not to pick my contract back up, as such is the way of the world these days. I just figured it would be, you know, at the actual dated end of my contract, and not randomly in the middle of October.

I've been wondering what exactly I'm supposed to do about this, and I have decided that it is quarter to three in the morning and I don't care right now. What I am actually going to do is take as many of my legally-prescribed sedatives as I am allowed, stick my nose back into The Island of the Colorblind, and read until I fall asleep on the Kindle. Tomorrow I am probably going to stuff as many hours of work as I can into the remaining time on my contract, and Thursday I will go back to the various social services people and explain to them that the paystubs I gave them before now have no relation to reality whatsoever. We'll probably have to start everything over. Sigh.

I have a fair amount of work to do for Cecilia, so I am not quite dead yet. We shall see what happens next.


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