Addendum: In some sort of bizarre show of solidarity, the 16GB Blackberry PlayBook I inherited from a deadbeat roommate has spontaneously un-bricked itself. I have no idea how or why. It developed black screen o' death issues a while ago, and none of the force-boot methods worked, so I left it alone. The only reason I had it out was to steal the case to use for the new Fire until I could get one that fit properly. It's unreliable and has an interesting little red chevron smudge in the upper left corner, but it does definitely still think it's a tablet. Good for it, I guess?


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    1. the BlackBerry posting by itself just to taunt me now?

      I still don't know why it magically decided to work. It's been alone in a closet for months, ffs. Judging by the history of all of my other RiM devices, that should have done it in even if the screen issue wasn't fatal.


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