Addendum to the addendum: If anybody wants the PlayBook. I'd be happy to trade you for a Fire case. Kindle Fire 7" 5th gen (2015 release), black, book-style, convertible/with stand, please. Pockets are nice but not necessary. Don't care about a stylus holder, don't care if it's leather or "leather" or nylon. Actual Kindle case required; generic ones all assume a much larger bezel than it has.

16GB PlayBook comes with OEM folding travel charger (1A wall plug; does not like charging on only 500mA when hooked to computer USB 2.0 ports) and generic convertible case, and is remitted as-is, i.e., according to tonight's tests screen lights up about 50% of the time when you poke the power button. AFAICT, brain is fine, battery is fine, all power connections are fine, LCD touchscreen is physically fine, dodgy bit is somewhere either in the contact under the power switch or the ribbon cable carrying video signal. If you are brave and/or foolhardy, you can get into the case pretty easily with a thin butter knife and some electronics screwdrivers.