Things That Are Nice: Day 11

This is a band called Ninja Sex Party. I am not kidding. They are hilarious. NSP is composed of Danny Sexbang, aka Daniel Avidan, and Ninja Brian, aka Brian Wecht.

Dan is probably better known as Not-So-Grump of Game Grumps, which he hosts with his friend Arin Hanson. If the two of them aren't listed under Heterosexual Life Partners on TV Tropes, they should be. Hanson used to host GG with JonTron, and when JonTron left to do his own thing, he remembered thinking NSP was hilarious, and sent a message to Avidan. Who, as it turned out, used to listen to Hanson's previous podcast. When they finally met in person they were each desperately trying not to fanboy-drool all over the other one, and mostly failing.

There are many, many Game Grumps playlists out there, including a Best Of. If you really want to see into the depths of their psyches, hunt down one of their Zelda playthroughs. Zelda games for some reason turn into Confession Time. Highlights include the time in Wind Waker that they got to talking about psychiatric diagnoses, and Avidan shared that he'd actually been professionally dubbed OCD at one point. "I was so relieved when I heard that," he said. "It meant I wasn't crazy!" Thus works the brain of Not-So-Grump. Even Hanson paused a second at that, and he's normally the nuttier one.

Wecht, on the other hand, quit his career teaching advanced particle physics in order to follow his dream of singing dick jokes to the entire internet. No kidding. He still lectures recreationally from time to time. Judging from the arXive, he specialises in string and n-brane theories.