Things That Are Nice: Day 14

Makeup makes me stupidly happy. No, I don't know why. It's really just pigment and paint in tiny packages. But I buy it all at CVS, which means it's also cheap, so I suppose I might as well.

I have actually found a foundation that matches me and covers my freckles. It's cheap (from Rimmel of London, their drugstore brand) and moreover it was on sale. Usually foundation is too pink or too yellow for me, and it takes me forever to find someone who makes the shade "light porcelain", i.e., "one step above blending white". If it needs to be thicker, I have a little pot of Physician's Formula talc-free powder, and if it just needs to be more matte, then I have some e.l.f. HD translucent setting powder.

Weirdly enough, the best highlighter palette I have is also the best eyebrow palette I have. Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips in nude. If you're a redhead, I recommend giving up on eyebrow pencils -- they will never be coppery enough -- and doing your brows with an angle brush and eyeshadow. The darker end of the palette is good for titian brows, and the lighter end of the palette is excellent cool highlighter for the kind of skin color that usually goes with titian brows.

For once I managed to find an entire tube of mascara primer. If you are me, then you have painstakingly built up a collection of mascara in bizarre colors, and have discovered it's difficult to get neon highlighter yellow to show up on natural lashes without putting a layer of white underneath. This stuff is L'Oréal Voluminous, a formula which I liked to begin with, just using titanium dioxide instead of carbon black.

Also if you are me, your lips want to peel badly all winter long. Liquid Blistex in those roller ball tubes does nothing, and waxy formulas like Chapstick and potted Carmex just put a sticky coating on top of all the chapping. I have now accumulated about half a dozen tubes of this stuff, Almay color + care liquid lip balm, that works like magic. It's expensive for Chapstick, but cheap for lip gloss, which is effectively what it is. It seems to be silicone-based instead of beeswax or petrolatum, and it stays on far better. The color "nudetrients" is pretty much invisible on my natural lips, although the darker ones are also very sheer.