Things That Are Nice: Day 9

This will never not be hilarious. Evginy Plushenko, four-time Olympian, one of the most technically accomplished skaters in the world, famous for his tribute to Nijinsky... skating around in a muscle suit and doing a striptease to "Sex Bomb".

His exhibition skates tend to be somewhat mad. He also has one with a trick costume -- where he demonstrates that he can in fact skate like a girl if he feels like it -- the one with the mascot head and rigged props, and the one where he's dressed like a baby with his bangs in pigtails.

Plush is kinda wacky, is what I'm saying here. You will be totally unsurprised to find out he's good friends with Johnny Weir -- one of the reasons Weir hops to Russia so often is to visit Plushenko, his wife Yana Rudovskaya, and their kids.


  1. This is what got me interested in figure skating. He's such fun to watch.


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