Hello! I am alive, sort of. I am in the middle of what is called "tech week" for my annual January show, which is when you get together for hours and hours every night to run the show as it will be done on stage, so that you can get all the screwing up and panicking out of your system before you actually perform it. It kills me ded every time, because hours of people every day, and also right now i have some sort of head cold that is clinging desperately on weeks after it should have gone away. I have excellent drugs and also excellent co-stars, so I'll be fine, but if you're going to be in Boston for Arisia this weekend, you should come and see us so I'm not doing all this for nothing.

Vivat Regina: Friday @ 7:30pm
Base Instruments: Saturday @4pm and Sunday @12 noon

Our show photographer will also be wandering the halls before and after, taking photos of cosplayers. Feel free to stop her and get yours done! Her name is Annushka Munch and you could probably spot her from other planets, as her hair is violently pink. I know this because I helped her color it. The really neon bits react to blacklight.

There are also various Circlet Press things going on at the con, including the Tea Party, which I will have to miss because I am on stage. You don't have to miss it, however, as there is conveniently a second show scheduled. Go, do both of these things! They are great.

I'll post more about Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice and New Year's Resolutions and other such tat after I'm done with shows and have had some heavily-drugged but un-congested sleep. In the meantime, rest assured that the rats are still very fat and very spoiled, and that the Saturday album posts will continue.


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