Urgent care sent me to insurance first. Insurance lady was very nice. She had cool boots. Cooler than mine. I notice weird things when I'm trying to block out pain. I mostly sat there crying as quietly as I could while she dealt with the state people over speakerphone. It's hurt for two weeks, I could deal with another half-hour. She got me a pharmacy voucher.

Nurse was also nice. She asked me how to spell "Ehlers-Danlos", so someone has at least now written it down. Doctor also nice lady, with some kind of Caribbean accent, who took it well when I explained why Vicodin would not help. Got IM ketorolac, cyclobenzaprine, imaging appointment, referral to PT/sports medicine.

Don't think the ketorolac helped. Stabbing it just seems to have made it angrier. At least they listened and tried something new.

Getting home from the clinic involves climbing a hill. Hadn't realized that until just now.

One of the intervening streets is busy, with crosswalks but no lights. People can park along the curve, so visibility is terrible. I just stood there on the corner, thinking please let me cross please let me cross I can't run right now please just let me cross. Cars didn't stop. I wanted to cry. Ironically, traffic only cleared enough for me to reach the other side when everyone had to pull over for an ambulance.

Pharmacy warned me that the Flexeril was probably going to knock me out. I hope they were right.


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