PSA: I have just changed the theme on my blog. I have tested the regular site on a Lubuntu/Chrome laptop and the mobile site on an Android/Chrome tablet. If it is hideously ugly or otherwise unusable on any other platform, drop me a comment and I'll fix it. All the sidebar stuff, like the Twitter feed and the Patreon link and all that, is now under the droid-style menu (the block of three horizontal lines in the upper left) in the header.


  1. I like it. Feels Deep Space Nine-y. I also like the Times New Roman we get for comments.

  2. I'm on a laptop and this isn't ideal. It works just fine but for text posts it only shows "Posted by Arabella Flynn March 20, 2017" on the front page without any preview of the content. So if you have more text posts in a row like your sometimes do readers might miss some because they all look the same. Also, I have to click on the date in that title, if I click on "posted by" nothing happens and your name goes to G+ which is annoying.
    I hope you don't mind me critisizing it. It's your blog, do what you like with it, I'll adapt :) And I do think it's pretty.

    1. I agree with anon -- if there's a way you could get a preview snippet of the entries to show on the main page that would be super helpful. Aesthetically though I like it a lot!

    2. I'm going to say tentatively that yes, I can change those things, but I have to dick around with the CSS to do it. Blogger does let you go digging in the code, but I don't have time right this very minute. It's an excellent note, but probably isn't getting fixed until Friday or so.


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