Weekly Watch: ashens

Stuart Ashen, better known as ashens, runs a channel where he tosses what he refers to as "cheap tat" on his elderly sofa while he rambles about it from behind the camera. You'd think this would be awful, but no. While he does have a soft spot for retrogaming, particularly crap handheld systems, he's probably most famous for his Poundland Specials, wherein he purchases bizarre flotsam of questionable provenance from Poundland (the UK equivalent of the Dollar Tree in the US) and critiques it on camera. If it's supposed to be food, he'll usually eat some of it. God only knows how he hasn't died of this yet. The man must have the stomach of a goat. He mentions at some point that he tends to chase the stuff down with gin, on the theory that dumping a disinfectant on top of it would be a good idea.

Every so often he opens with "It's Dr. Ashen again!" He's not kidding. I believe he has a PhD in psychology. And yet, here he is on YouTube. I can't decide whether that's a horrifying comment on the job situation in academia, or an encouraging note on unexpected post-grad employment opportunities.


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