Weekly Watch: Stonewall Uprising

This is the 2010 documentary Stonewall Uprising, presented here in the traditional questionable, copyright-detector-dodging quality on YouTube. I would feel worse about this, except I can't find a way to pay someone to stream the damn thing -- it's not for rent on YouTube or Amazon Prime. You can buy the DVD via PBS on Amazon, if you have the patience for snail mail.

While the original Stonewall Inn was shut down after the riots, the building still exists, and half of it was resurrected as another LGBT-centric venue in 1990. In 2007, the name was changed back to Stonewall Inn, and this reincarnated version still exists at 53 Christopher St in New York City. I actually know people who have performed there. The buildings were preserved as part of the Greenwich Village historical district starting in 1969, and declared a National Historic Landmark at the federal level in 2000. In 2015, the site (with the new bar in residence) became the first recognized by the NYC Historical Commission specifically for its role in the fight for LGBT civil rights.


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