Weekly Watch: Monique Parent & Jeffree Star

This week's Watch is a two-fer: Actress Monique Parent and singer/makeup artist Jeffree Star.

For the masculine out there who don't normally wear makeup, but are thinking of giving it a whirl for Halloween this year, Jeffree Star is a singer, model, and screamingly queeny makeup artist who got his start on Instagram/YouTube. While his style is not something I would recommend for daily wear -- he sorta splits the difference between "Kardashian" and "drag queen", and it's a great deal of work -- it's very theatrical and absolutely something you can do for a one-night extravaganza without going full on RuPaul's Drag Race with the glue sticks and kabuki paint.

For the record, he has his own makeup line. I don't own any, but it's reportedly high-quality stuff, and chock full of glitter.

For the (ahem) mature reader who is wondering how to do their face without feeling like mutton dressed as lamb, I give you Monique Parent, actress of stage and screen. She's one of the few YouTube personalities over 30 who proudly looks both fantastic, and her actual age. She has a lot of tips and observations about color palettes to use when you have decided to rock natural gray hair, which is rare in Instagram-land.

Her tutorial on how to go full-glam on a mature face is especially useful if you want to spend the evening looking extremely expensive.


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