Things To Do On Vacation: The Glam Playlist

Week Three: Things To Do On Someone Else's WiFi

Up to now the binge lists have revolved around electronics and power tools, but there's more than one way to be a nerd. Anyone who thinks beauty bloggers can't geek out over makeup and fashion is missing a significant part of life.

Karolina Żebrowska is a Polish lady who went viral a while ago with her rebuttal to those "100 Years of Fashion" videos you see all over. Aside from being frequently and egregiously wrong, what those things are trying to showcase are high fashion -- the stuff you'd see on socialites, or at least people with free time. Karolina instead demonstrates what the common woman would have worn, with an emphasis on the Communist bloc seldom seen on the extremely first-world YouTube.

Glam & Gore is a lady named Mykie who has a cute dog and an obsession with both halves of the title. Her most famous series is probably the Disney princess playlist, which showcases the bright cheery costume look, and then the dark twisted Halloween SFX variation she came up with.

Jordan Hanz specializes in water and alcohol based body paints and for costume and SFX makeup, with incidental lessons in contouring and tattoo coverup. She's entered a bunch of contests, most notably the NYX ones, which are a fantastic lesson in how to achieve outrageous effects looks with the stuff you buy at Walgreens.

Lisa Eldridge is a professional makeup artist and former brand buyer for at least one massive company whose channel showcases not only vintage looks and guest instructors, but also a variety of regional makeup trends, including a lot of Asian techniques that are often left off of the English-language web. She tends to veer away from Instagram trends and more towards everyday-to-camera makeup.

If you'd rather care for your hands, Suzie at Nail Career Education will show you how to build and sculpt acrylic nails. Say what you will about the practicality of those things, but making them is an art form unto itself, with more than a little structural engineering involved. Suzie has a penchant for glitter and wee little accessories embedded into things, and is just so gosh darn pleasant that I'd probably watch her read the phone book while she painted her nails.

On the less serious, more blingy side of things, Cristine of Simply Nailogical is hilarious and owns more colors of glitter than I do, but on the downside, could not water marble anything if her life literally depended on it. Her day job is some kind of data processing in criminology, so I suspect this is where she vents the insanity.

Lastly, if you yearn to do crazy things to your hair, give Guy Tang a watch before you try it. If you've never seen anyone turn a client's hair actual unicorn colors, now's your chance.


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