Further costume success!

I tried on the full costume party getup last night. Apparently, David had some sort of mental disconnect between "my roommate is manufacturing a Poison Ivy costume" and "my roommate is going to put a Poison Ivy costume on her body and wear it". Sort of like when your sister says "I'm buying a new swimsuit" and you're thinking a Speedo one-piece racer and she's thinking an imported piece of Brazilian butt-floss.

I have no idea why he has this odd discontinuity. He knows what I look like, he's seen me in my pajamas, bathrobe, and occasionally wrapped in a spa towel, and he has been acquainted with my writing more than long enough to realize that no, I really don't have an issue wandering around all afternoon in a leotard and stiletto heels.

I am reminded of the time, many years ago, that my friends and I went to one of those nerd-tastic gaming conventions. It was in Phoenix in the middle of summer, and I despair of finding shorts that fit me, so I wore my usual summer clothing, which mostly involved a miniskirt. Tommy, who is basically the older brother I never had, told me that if I ever did that again, he'd be following me around the con with a baseball bat.

He should probably be thankful he wasn't a witness when one of the local comic stores paid my way to San Diego ComicCon because the (female) owner wanted matching comic-geek redheads as booth babes. Somewhere out there is band of Jedi with a group photo fronted by me, in a sundress, thigh-high stockings, and a giant straw picture hat with a chiffon bow at the side. Strangers kept asking me if my hair was real, or if I had extensions inside the crown of the hat.

Anyhoodle, I am terrible on the operating side of a camera and it's rat-clean day so my room is a mess, but I messed around with a mirror and the auto-timer on the Cybershot and took some photos of me in the Poison Ivy getup for posterity.

With the timer

In the mirror
I just like all the Dutch angles on this one.
Detail of the appliqué on the bodysuit.

Detail of the shoes. And all the crap the rats have tossed out of their house onto the floor.


  1. It just dawned on me that, given your proximity to and adoration of Boston college, you could very easily become Poison Ivy League.

    Yes, I do apologize for that pun, but none the less, very nice costume!


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