Er, hi there.

Hello, Awkward Army!

The 0.001% of you who have not made it a religious crusade to stop internet ads wherever they rear their ugly recommendations have probably noticed that I have Google Analytics turned on. (If you have ads turned off, but would like to passively support me as long as it's not too obnoxious, I only let Google run text ads. No flashing, no punching the monkey.) I would just like to let you know that, thanks to your traffic, I have now earned OVER TWELVE CENTS from this here writey-bloggy thing. Google has not sent me the money, of course; they know I can't be trusted with that kind of mad cash. But now I have the satisfaction of telling people I get paid to write things without actually lying. Thank you!

Also, in a development which is either exciting or deeply alarming, I can't decide which, General Expression has randomly selected to gather the other Bostonian Awkwardeers at a place a mile from my house. So that you don't all have to march up here and kidnap me and scare my rats and risk getting your ice cream all melty, I'm just going to come down and join you. I'm tempted to bring some fleebwangers, but I'm not sure I have enough for everyone.

I'm currently running a Campaign To Not Let Me Starve, in honor of my upcoming birthday. One of the things I'm asking is for you to link to me! Twitter, Facebook, your blogroll, whatever. If you like what you read, recommend it to someone else. I write because it would drive me crazy to not write, but I write more if I know people are reading.