More administrivia!

Halloo, loyal readers! (Or disloyal readers, or occasional readers, or people who have inexplicably stumbled onto this page by accident looking for pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch -- how many tumblrs do you have to go through to get down to my blog? Yowza.) I have continued to be a bit busy as of late, but at least some of it has resulted in fun news to share.

One particularly cool bit is that Doll Hart, the designer I was modeling for at the RAW Provocations runway show, has been voted into the semi-finals for the RAWards in November. I don't know if I'll be in the show this time -- Doll has just been informed that she's only allowed three models for her showcase this time, and has temporarily ground to a gibbering halt over the need to rethink her everything -- but some of the results of the Provocations show can be seen here. Current plans have me walking in a different show wearing a variation of this:

Photos: Ron DeLalla
Designer: Doll Hart
Accessories: Rivengurl Styles
Hair Wizard: Joshua R. Wozniak you can see that if Doll perhaps lacks for time on this go-round, she does not lack for creativity. She excels especially in the area of "using colors that are not black", which is a field where, in my opinion, a lot of latex designers rather fall down.

Tickets for the RAWards Semi-Finals, held 7pm November 18th at The Estate, can be purchased at the RAW Artists Boston web page for $15 online, or $20 at the door. If you happen to be in the market for latex, a ticket would be well worth your while, as Doll says she'll be bouncing around the floor handing out cards good for a 25% discount on your next order. She does custom work and commissions (inquire about cosplay -- the last time I saw her, I mentioned my lifelong ambition to go out in public dressed at Batgirl, another model said she wanted to be Catwoman, and Doll Got Ideas), and a 25% discount essentially knocks you down to the cost of materials.

A ticket entitles you to cast a ballot for the RAW Artist of the Year. There are various categories; I personally have no clear favorite in most of them, but I'm quite partial to Jenna Lee Mason for Photographer of the Year. She's very bubbly in person, and specializes in strange neon dreamscape photography -- all the more impressive since these are all self-portraits.