For those of you who are local:

The Newbury College Fashion Show is still going on tomorrow night. The afterparty is still being hosted by Storyville, and I intend to be there. I refuse to put my life on hold because someone else on the planet is a crazy fucker. I'd never get anything done. Besides which, given the enormous swarm of cops that must still be out there, the Back Bay is probably the safest place to be right now.

Full T service has been restored to all stations except Copley, which is still closed for the investigation. Storyville is right behind the Pru, so I'd suggest either Prudential on Green B/C/D, or Back Bay on Orange. 21+ only, club/cocktail attire, free admission all night. Newbury College is out in Brookline, and the shortest T route I know of is Green D to Reservoir, and then either hoof it or take the college shuttle up the hill to the auditorium.