Dear everyone:

Sorry for the radio silence. I have been busy having a cow. I was supposed to move into a wonderful co-op -- with, among other people, a woman named Cameron who works for these guys, wherein I hope to publish soon, possibly in conjunction with Moggie -- but their landlord nixed the idea at the last minute, because he wanted to rent the room I was looking at together with another one as a suite, which puts it way out of my price range. I need to be out of here Real Soon Now, because other people are moving in. I have in-person commitments that mean I can't leave the MBTA-coverage area. So I have been in a dead panic for days now.

In happier news, I have been provisionally hired at Circlet Press, a local (mostly) e-publisher that deals in sci-fi, fantasy, and other spec-fic erotica of all styles, genders, and persuasions. It's a quirky little female-owned business that skews delightfully nerdy, and a lot of it will also be work-from-home (or work-from-library, or work-from-coffee-shop, etc.) If all goes well, I will be paid to read, edit, and promote some very creative pornography. If you know anything about human history, you know that "envisioning attractive creatures fucking" is an industry that will never die, so if all works out, the position will result in a small but steady stream of extra income. Which means I get to eat.

Good stress is still stress, however. If not for Xanax, I would probably be chewing my own fingers off. God bless modern pharmacology.

If you are inclined to donate, the perks listed here are still available. Delivery of the games is set up for 8/1, whether I'm still alive or not. (Article requests are handled as I get to them. There are a couple about Noel Fielding still stuck in the queue, waiting for me to calm down enough to properly finish them. Believe it or not, I do edit these things. Sorta.) One donor inquired as to whether I'd be available in person to run the tabletop or mystery dinner party game; if you're somewhere the T runs, probably I would be, but you'd have to schedule a week or two in advance, and it's not going to happen until mid-August at the very soonest.

Furthermore, I'm still looking into running some in-person seminars on body language, and personal style/presentation. The dance studio I volunteer at does rent rooms for this, but it's $50/hr + $50 deposit -- quite reasonable for room rental, but beyond what I can pony up right now, especially if I have to book before I know if anyone will show up. I'm trying to negotiate to see if I can turn in a bunch of my volunteer slips for a FREE first seminar, and if there's sufficient interest, book others at some smallish fee (say, $20 per person?) to cover the cost of the room.

A couple of my friends have independently asked why I'm not running a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo campaign for [fill in project they want to see me complete within the foreseeable future]. Mainly, it's because I don't have the energy to do so while I'm worried about being homeless and starving. If you would like to administer a fundraiser on my behalf, drop me a line at miss.arabella.flynn {at} and we can discuss what you'd like to commission. Otherwise, it's not going to happen until I have stopped grinding my teeth down to nubs.


  1. Sorry to hear about the co-op falling through. Hope you can get into something stable ASAP.


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