All right. I'm alive. I'm in a sublet for August. I still don't know what I'm going to do from September onward, but on the bright side, I ordered breakfast from some place that specializes in potato cakes. As an American of generally Irish decent, in a city full of same, this makes my heart glad. Also, they're cheap.

The rat was a little discombobulated by being in a box in a car, and I think I worried him by going out on one more trip after we delivered him unto his new home. He was so distressed by it, in fact, that he had no choice but to eat something and then go back to sleep! Which is to say, he's basically fine. Mostly he's weirded out by how I'm keeping his cage closed whenever I'm gone -- I haven't got the stand with me here, and this place has no thresholds under the doors. I don't want him to accidentally attain floor, get lost and freaked out, and camp underneath the sofa for a week.

I've also been going non-stop with other things. Last night I volunteered as an usher at Club Oberon. Ober-Con was a fantastic dorky burlesque show, and if you're looking for something to do while you're in town for ComicCon, c'mon down tonight. Take the Red Line out to Harvard Square, and head past the Au Bon Pain on Mass Ave for a bit, until you accidentally find Arrow Street on the right -- you can't miss it, it's got big posters for The Donkey Show out front, and it's on the corner. Doors open at 7:30p. One of the Sirlesque guys starts his number dressed as the Tenth Doctor. 1) He is extremely hot, and 2) his costume coat even has the right color lining. As their flyer says, it's "wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey, booby-wooby".

(I really must figure out the etiquette for hitting on strippers. It's probably rude to bother them backstage after the show, but what do you do if you run into them at the grocery store? Can you say, "Hey! I saw you tear your clothes off last week! The sonic screwdriver was a nice touch. Feel like doing it again, maybe after dinner?" I also dunno if it makes any difference that the ushers were encouraged to turn up in cosplay, and I was (un)dressed as Poison Ivy, an outfit that involves rather more makeup and leaves than clothing.)

The Oberon, incidentally, is a great place for burlesque. They're fairly diverse, and very body-positive. If it's of legal age and has an outgoing personality, you will eventually see it on stage in glitter and underpants. (Loads of glitter. Sometimes very little in the way of underpants.) One of the troupes rehearses at the studio where I volunteer, and they do fantastic, hilarious things. They had their shortest, roundest, cuddliest dancer dressed as Miss Piggy last night, stripping for her Kermie.


  1. Oh, good. September is the Boston New Year, the time when the most leases start. Keep looking.

    I'm inclined to commission some more pieces on Google-fu/skip-tracing. Delivery anytime before Dec. 31st, let's say. Could you come up with 5 to 10 of them?

    1. Probably. Those are fairly easy to write, I just have to sit down and do them. Not that I will be able to sit down anytime terribly soon. I might get to stop doing other things Sunday-ish. Or possibly after the 19th, as the dance studio is closing for maintenance for a couple of weeks. The main thing is that I'm not sure where to start the teaching -- I get dinged a lot for either not beginning at what my student thinks is the beginning, or for beginning at what I think is the very beginning and making everyone think I'm condescending.


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