Further update: Found a room. It's a shoebox, but it's also cheap. I sign the lease at 10am tomorrow and can move in at any point thereafter. Now all I need is a moving crew.

I own basically nothing. I have a set of luggage and a load of tote bags, plus a bin of shoes. I am serious about being depressingly good at condensing my things and dragging them from place to place.

I'm not bothering with the furniture, other than the futon I sleep on. You want a bureau? Ping me, you can have it. Desk? Same. Might keep the small shelf for putting the rat cage on, but he doesn't seem to care that he's on the floor now, so whatever.


  1. Glad you found a place - I hope you can stay there until YOU want to move.

    1. The roommates already there have been there for a couple of years. I'm sincerely hoping the landlady is more interested in keeping nice tenants than in squeezing every possible drop of profit out of the place. The rent is slightly below-market right now, even given the size of the room, and it's in a bit of town that's (slowly) being renovated. That does at least mean it's somewhere I'd be cool walking home at night -- I accidentally discovered that Somerville does, in fact, have a "wrong side of the tracks", and that one of the apartments I was looking over was on it. Yikes.


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