Apparently I am going to Salute To Supernatural in Las Vegas in March 2014. I know this because a few days ago, I was summarily informed that we had weekend passes and Moggie opined that it might be a good idea for me to fly in on Wednesday, so that we can start con-going early on Thursday. Moggie is resourceful and creative, and usually humors my pathetic and misguided attempts at financial independence, so when she starts simply chucking money at a problem to make it go away, it is time for me to capitulate gracefully. She says now I have to use my pass, or else -- the other person who had expressed interest in going with her is underage, which would prevent her from both getting properly hammered, and from taking any shortcuts through the casinos when she doesn't feel like going outside.

I told her to do whatever she thinks will work out best (aside from the fact that she's paying the up-front costs, she also has the AAA membership, which is especially useful in Vegas) and just tell me how much I owe her, and I'll tell her in what geologic time frame she can expect to see her money back. She has also very pointedly informed me that there is still space in her hotel room for dashcon in July, hint hint hint.

I feel less bad about this now that she has a loaner car, albeit one she isn't especially fond of. Mog intends to purchase one of her own, but she's approaching this car buying business the way most people approach finding spouses: She refuses to settle down with any of them until she finds The One. It's not hard to find candidates -- she's decided she wants a green MX-5 with power hard top and paddle shifters, which is not exactly an endangered species -- but she is being extremely pernickety. As well she should; if Moggie buys a Miata, she will drive the hell out of it until it falls to pieces on her somewhere on I-10. Given Mazda's track record with roadsters and Moggie's track record with obsessive maintenance, that will take quite a while. We'll probably have to bury her with it.


  1. Holy *crap*, that's an amazing line-up! SPN cons in the UK, you're lucky if you get six guests, and it's almost never J2... *green with envy*

    1. Well, they do kind of live here. The show films in Vancouver, conveniently located in America's Hat, a reasonably-convenient ferry ride away from Washington State. Everyone flies to Sea-Tac, so getting them anywhere else in the continental US is pretty minimal, in terms of travel expenses.

      Las Vegas is also a big destination -- not only do you get a lot of big events there, you also get a lot of smaller bookings from people like musicians who would otherwise have absolutely nothing to do for the entire excruciatingly boring drive between Salt Lake City or Denver and Phoenix. Mog and I drove up a couple of times to see foreign artists at small venues like House of Blues or Wasted Space in the Hard Rock, who played there mainly for an opportunity to get off the damn bus.


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