Right-o. This is basically going to be a bunch of administrivia, set to post while I sober up from Cirque of the Dead.

Zero: I finally got off my ass and fixed all the Weekend Radio Theater posts. You all get things to listen to on Saturday after you run out of Car Talk. They're auto-scheduled like that, to give me a breather day each week and therefore a better chance of actually posting an entry a day like I keep intending to.

One: The holidays are approaching. Long story short, I have no relatives worth speaking to and tend to have nothing to do from Halloween through the new year, whereas everyone I know is running around spending time with the (relatively) reasonable people they call family. This sucks for me. I try to distract myself from it, to avoid going bonkers.

The past few years running, what I've done is set out a call for other crafters to clean out their yarn stashes by sending it to me. I knit things a lot, mainly for something to do with my hands. If you're one of those people with a closet full of leftover half-skeins that you can't use, but can't bear to throw away because it would make the yarn sad, drop me a line at miss.arabella.flynn@gmail.com, and I can tell you where to ship the stuff to be converted into charity goods. If I have enough of something with a nice enough texture to wear, I'll make scarves out of it; typically the lot of them ends up going to Goodwill or a similar charity. If it's lots of little balls of cheap scratchy acrylic, it turns out that furry creatures don't care, and I make a load of small-animal hammocks that get shipped off to Mainely Rat Rescue.

Two: Moggie is making noises like she wants to go to the Salute to Supernatural in Las Vegas in March 2014, and also possibly like she wants to go to dashcon, which is in July. She's inquired as to whether I want to go with her (read: If I could please come with her so she can hide behind me if she hasn't yet had enough in the way of cocktails to actually talk to attractive strangers). I would love to, but I'm not exactly rolling in money. The main stumbling block would be the $300-400 airline tickets. (There's another StS in New Jersey, but for some reason that one's hellaciously expensive -- it would cost me more overall, even though I can technically take the bus or Amtrak down there.) If anyone is vehemently in favor of me going and covering either con as a sociologist and/or journalist, feel free to hook me up with

  • any organization or publication who might be willing to kick in some cash in exchange for a write-up
  • any vendor going to either con who might be willing to kick in some cash in exchange for a part-time booth babe
  • anybody with either con who might be willing to hand out free passes in exchange for volunteer work
  • random private donations to the cause

Moggie traditionally serves as the travel agent for these things -- although admittedly they are usually my daft idea -- so if you PayPal me something with the notice that it's "for con travel", I'm just going to forward it straight to her, do not pass GO, do not spend $200 on stupid shit like shoes and groceries.

Three: For those of you who have just now landed in the Geek Sector here on Earth, this year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. I am a screaming fan. I find the show fascinating on both the textual and metatextual levels, and since I'm in the habit of over-analyzing everything anyway, November is going to be Doctor Who Month here on the blog. I'm not going to the 3D screening downtown or on the Fenway, mainly because I was not poised over the mouse button, ready to frantically click-smash until I got tickets the second they went on sale, but for the amount I pay for the communal cable here, we'd fucking well better get BBC America on the nice TV out in the living room. Anyone who isn't interested in watching the special on the 25th of November is getting booted off the sofa.

Four: I got quoted in a thing the other day. I have a subscription to HARO, and very occasionally, I remember to actually read their damn newsletters. If you're a writer and you want my commentary on something, please don't hesitate to ask. There's no official accreditation from the International Society of People Who Guess Stuff About People Pretty Well to worry about, so it's not like you have to go anywhere but this here blog for my "expert" credentials.