Advent Calendar 08 Dec: Weinachtsmarkts

Christmas markets, also known as Christkindlmartks, Weinachtsmarkt, or Marché de Noël, depending on where you are, are sort of a cross between a flea market and a street fair, all with a Christmas theme. Originating in the German-ish area, they've since spread to more French-ly places in Europe. 

Images of a handful of Weinachtsmarkts in Germany via tabkatta's tumblr.


  1. The hover-text on XKCD today made me think of you and your rats - Thank you for the daily amusements too!

    1. Mwahaha! Really, though, they are surprisingly unenthusiastic about toothing all over the electronics. Plastic isn't nommy. Teflon cord insulation, unfortunately, is. I have to keep all cords out of range if I let them run free on the bed, or I am forever picking one of the little boogers up and reminding them that volts are NOT delicious. I think they like the texture -- they also steal my hair elastics for recreational chomping.

      Also a fun complication: Their little feets work on touchpads and touchscreens. They're hairless on the soles, and rats are about as moist as humans, so they register on induction pads like laptop touchpads and phone screens, and they weigh enough that their toes register on pressure-sensitive screens like on a DS. They like to helpfully highlight everything I just finished typing before a rat got in my way, and then wipe out the lot of it by standing on the space bar.


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