Ahoy hoy, loyal readers! Also disloyal ones. I'm not all that fussy.

Starting in... about half an hour, I'll be running an Advent Calendar through Christmas. No particular reason, just Christmas seems to be the last of the major winter holidays to finish up at the end of the Gregorian calendar, which I am forced to use by the same fiendish social pressures that also require me to put pants on whenever I leave the house. I more or less take December off every year, although if you are just dyyyyyinnnnnnng to say something to me, you can still send me email at miss.arabella.flynn@gmail.com.

I am going to try something new in 2016. In a burst of hope I'm calling it "not constantly worrying about starving". I have a Patreon page. If you pledge me a dollar a month, you will get an extra article per week. Sometime in the week. Art cannot be rushed, and neither can the drivel I write. The topic of the post will be the same as the posts on the public blog here, i.e., non-linearly deterministic in a way that you need chaos theory math to describe. It will be an extra post, that only special Patreon pledger people can read, and no one else. Savor them. Hoard them. Fantasize about them. Print them out and sleep on a pile of them, like Smaug and his gold. Or the rat and all the extra Cheez-Its I just fed her. Again, not fussy.

If you pledge a dollar a month, then by this time next year I will have TWELVE of your dollars. Mwahahahaha! They will probably be used to feed the rat.

Pictured: Hungry rat.
Not directly. Paper money is grimy, and surprisingly enough, even rats have limits. But I will take the time and effort to convert it into oatmeal and pasta and baby carrots and probably a bag of fortune cookies from the Super 88 down at Packard's Corner, and the rat will totally appreciate those.

If you pledge more than a dollar a month, I will apply it to other things, like my groceries and my bills and all that. These are all much less important than feeding the rat -- at least according to Yuki, who at the time of this writing is loafing fatly in a bed of shredded newspaper and using one hand to feed a single long uncooked spaghetto into her maw, millimeter by millimter -- so that will obviously come first, but the cable company likes getting paid, too. You'll probably get something else, but only one person has decided to donate $5/mo to my writing so far, so I can stall on figuring out what for a while longer.

I will say that I am hoping to sit down in 2016 and write one of the like nineteen separate books that are all elbowing each other in my head. Whether I have the time and energy to do so depends on whether I can get some damn stability in my life for once. One of the problems with working for a publisher is that now I know how it's supposed to be done, and I do not have the cash to pay a copyeditor or a layout designer. I commit to nothing that involves spending money anymore, especially if the money needs to appear in some murky "future" time. I do that and somehow I inevitably end up poorer when I started, even when my plans to do the thing fall apart before the money is needed.

In the meantime, everyone will get the Advent Calendar, because I set that up in early October, and it would be more work to take it all down now. Happy Chanukwansolstisaturanalifestimas, everybody!