Behold, my weekend:

That may or may not be a proper Widget, depending on your js settings, but it's definitely a link to the hashtag #porncamp, where people live-Tweet from the Circlet Writers Retreat. I'm actually probably going to miss most of that subchannel, as I can't work out how to forward a hashtag search to SMS, and turning on the wifi on this phone will run the battery down in like three hours. (With all data off -- 3G/4G and wifi -- it lasts about six. Boo.) But you all can get the weird snippets online!

For more general info about the madhouse where I work, you can follow @CircletPress and @HeardAtCirclet. The first is the official Twitter account for the company, and the second is run by Bethany, an editor and Administrative Empress, with stuff overheard in the office that seemed like it would be hilarious out of context.