Does no one have any reading comprehension?

[Two minutes ago, a knock comes on the door.]

Me: *answers* Yes?

Dude outside (with two women lurking behind him): Hi, we're here to see the apartment?

Me: Do you have an appointment?

Dude: I left a message.

Me: Did you get an answer?

Dude: I just left a message.

Me: Then you don't have an appointment. We're only showing by appointment.

Dude: What if I gave you twenty dollars?

Me: That wouldn't work.

Dude: Really?

Me: Yes. Make an appointment.

Dude: Can't we just take a look around real quick?

Me: No. We're only showing by appointment. Make an appointment.

Dude: *looks dumbfounded* ...okay, uh, have a nice--

Me: *shuts door in the middle of his sentence*

He seems to have taken the sign as well, so I guess I'll be making another one.

[Edit: And I just texted Jazmin to tell her, so she won't be giving him a damn thing anyway, even if he calls back to pester her again.]


  1. Sure, they comprehend. "Make an appointment" means "register your desire for a timeslot, and it is yours". Like claiming a meeting timeslot in the corporate calendar. "Call in advance" means thirty seconds is advanced enough. Realtors are used to empty apartments, and treat all requirements as stats to be gamed on their way to the goal.

    It may help to spell out your requirements concretely. "Text this number to request an appointment. Appointments are only available between the hours of X and Y. Must request at least 24 hours in advance. We will respond to confirm or refuse within twelve hours. If you do not get a confirmation, you do not have an appointment."

    But mainly they're going on whatever the management company has put in the realtors' database. If you can get things spelled out there, it will help a lot more than a sign on the door.

    Best wishes.

    1. The sign he took spelled it all out. We're not giving them X and Y because, frankly, we are not giving the rudest ones appointments at all. We aren't responsible for renting the apartment out, so we don't care if we inconvenience them. It's in Brighton and within sight of the Green. Someone will sign the lease sight-unseen even if we let no one in.

      The management company has just changed our locks, apropos of nothing. I suspect we are not the only ones whose apartment the realty people tried to key into.


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