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I'm not sure what exactly broke about a lot of my If This, Then That redirects, but I unbroke them. Things I read, listen to, and watch are again being thrown to my tumblr without me having to like or link each of them individually as they come out, as God intended. My blog is also auto-echoed, so if you hang out on tumblr a lot and prefer to read there, follow me! It's coming up on International Dress Funny AWESOME Day, so I hunted you up a bunch of makeup tutorials from some of my favorite weirdos. I also answer costume questions for free this month, so comment here, Ask on tumblr, or email me for help in your efforts to disguise yourself as someone covered in much more glitter and/or stage blood than your quotidian self.

Did you know I have a Patreon? I do! For as little as a dollar a month, you can improve the lives of four young, hungry, embarrassingly domesticated rats. They would send you letters of thanks, but they're too busy hiding their treats in the back of their nest box and then running back out to the door for another one, like I can't tell them apart and don't remember how many noms I've handed out. ("You are not the fifth, unfed rat. Go eat the one I gave you.") Also, they don't have thumbs, and don't understand how mail works. Plus they chew on paper.

How could you let these adorable faces go hungry? I mean,  not that they're hungry now. I don't think they know what being hungry feels like. I fed them French fries within an hour of getting them home, and I've been giving them snacks more or less continuously ever since. But if you pledge money to me, I can feed them more French fries, which I think we can all agree will further improve their little rat lives.
I've begun posting #spoiledratupdates to my Facebook, because my pets have more fans there than I do. (They're amazingly down-to-Earth, for creatures who are so universally adored. I can honestly say that all this fame has not made them a single iota more self-absorbed than they were before the public discovered them. It would not be physically possible.) Circe Rowan is my stage name, and that feed is public, so read to your heart's content.

I have music going pretty much every moment of the day that I am not in the shower or specifically using my ears for something else, and if I could trust the idea of waterproofing on Bluetooth earbuds, I would fix that first thing. I've started posting #EarwormOfTheDay to Twitter so everyone can enjoy it. Feel free to follow along. My music collection can be most politely described as 'eclectic', and a lot of it is not in English.

Finally, last but not least, a belated birthday gift has turned up in the post. It's a Professor Layton game, so for the next few days I won't really be sleeping per se so much as taking occasional breaks to hunt down the 3DS charger. This completes my collection of Layton games that I do not need to jailbreak expensive hardware to play, at least until the 2017 release of Lady Layton: The Millionaire Adriadone Conspiracy, and don't think I'm not already stalking preorders on that one.


  1. Is your GoFundMe campaign technically in a good order? It is easier to convince me to drop 25$ now than 1$ monthly for two years, so I am asking if there is a low-effort way to do that…

    1. I am genuinely unsure. The situation that was set up for is over now, and I've not checked on it in a while. If you have PayPal, then one-time donations can be sent to miss.arabella.flynn(at)gmail.com. Alternatively, I order a lot of the non-urgent stuff online, and Amazon gift cards can be sent to the same address.


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