Things That Are Nice: Day 25

Happy holidays one and all. I hope you all had as pleasant and quiet a Christmas Day as I did.

I fed the rats an entire (small) pot pie. At first they were confused. There is fud in r bol? But its closed? But the lid is also a fud? They eventually figured it out by chewing on it, which is how they figure out most things they can't turn over. Later on, I fed them some of the strawberry yogies, which may be their new favorite thing on earth.

My college Watson loves her Christmas gadget, and informed me that the reason mine hasn't shown up yet is that the game isn't released until the 30th, and Amazon won't let her gift it until then. One of my roommates got word that her UMass application was received and is crossing her fingers for a transfer. The dishes ares all done. The world has not yet ended.

I am posting this (carefully!) from a hot bath with the new Kindle. I've already queued up the Saturday auto-posts for 2017, which will be music, since YouTube has conveniently given up and just started providing official full album playlists.

Everybody try to hang on until next year, yeah?