Advent Calendar: "Anansi & The Pot of Beans" [video]


Advent Calendar: Japanese Fairy Tales [full audiobook]


Advent Calendar: "Thirteenth"

From Italian Popular Fairy Tales, by Thomas Frederick. Houghton Mifflin, Boston, 1885.

Advent Calendar: "The Queen of Quok"

From American Fairy Tales, by L Frank Baum. Yes, the same guy as the Oz books.

Advent Calendar: "Charan"

From Korean Folk Tales: Imps, Ghosts, and Fairies. Translated from the Korean of Im Bang and Yi Ryuk by James S Gale. E P Dutton &co, New York, 1913.

Advent Calendar: "The Dance for Water, or: Rabbit's Triumph"

From South-African Folk Tales, collected by James A Honeÿ, MD. The Baker & Taylor Co., New York, 1910.

Advent Calendar: "How The Hodja Saved Allah"

From Told In The Coffee House: Turkish Tales, collected and done into English by Cyrus Adler & Allan Ramsay. Macmillan &co, London, 1898.