For anyone who didn't catch it on other social media, I have finally moved out of the "temporary" apartment I was stuck in for 7 months, thanks to a lot of emotional and logistical support from friends, and a generous amount of financial support from the folks who gave to my GoFundMe. I am endlessly grateful to all of you, and if I weren't so goddamn tired right now I'd be more eloquent in saying so. I've spent the past few weeks of unpacking and working out the bus routes around my new place trying to figure out how to explain what was so terrible about the last one. Most attempts devolved into page upon page of rage, which is not really what I want to be doing here. On the other hand, I also don't want to downplay how bad it was.  Spoiler: The temp apartment was Very Very Bad. The tl;dr is that I was offered someone's spare room on the condition that I help out a little extra with household chores and caring for their rats, because the pet owning roo
I bought another coat last week. I feel like I should have been more upset about that, because I don't really have the money to be clothes shopping. But I'm also incredibly tired of figuring out how to work around not having things I need, so I just went to fucking Goodwill and gave them $30 to solve that problem. I actually own two nice winter coats. One of them is ten years old and the other one is about fifteen. This strikes me as a pretty good record, considering I don't buy utility coats -- anoraks and parkas make me feel like I'm walking around awkwardly embedded in the center of a pillow. I buy fashion coats, and I wear the hell out of them. The younger coat is a winter white skirted pea coat I got at Macy's when I first moved to Boston, and the elder is a black brocade sack coat with a giant faux fur collar I got at Target when I worked there. They both need repair work. The black one is unwearable at the moment, as it's missing too many important button
Behold, the Valentine's Day cage tour: Enjoy!
Hello all! I am not dead. I apologize for the long irregular silences, but I'm having issues devising a schedule that lets me stream on Twitch, AND update a blog/a Patreon/a GoFundMe/several Facebook pages/Twitter/an Instagram account, AND go to a few things I need to be physically present for on someone else's schedule, AND, like, sleep. This is a persistent problem with my life. I'll get it eventually. I'm only about to be 40, I have some time. Meanwhile, I have been trying to teach myself this New Media thing. As an elderly and decrepit OG Millennial, I have been consuming this stuff since I was a teenager, but my knowledge on the assembly-code level of production is pretty much all from a half-finished electronic media degree from about 2006. It's more useful than you'd think, but I still need to Google to find out where all the buttons are in OpenShot. Behold my rudimentary video editing skills: "Meet The Rats". It is followed by a long list of pl

Twitch schedule!

Rat-based logo of The Salon. Because of course it is. If anyone has missed it, I have an approximate schedule on Twitch now. 3 pm Sundays I craft and talk about stuff. This week is media preservation and fandom mysteries. Tuesdays at 8 pm, I play Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, a super cute JRPG that makes fun of other JRPGs. Join me at Follow or subscribe to help me get to the point where I can show ads and make money!
  Happy Ratmas! I am puttering around the house, airing as many QI holiday episodes as I can find, until I get bored and switch to something else.

GFM Update

Direct financial news: Thanks to a GoFundMe , I have pre-paid three months of anything that will let me do that. At the very least, I will have phone service through this debacle. The city I'm in has just signed an eviction moratorium of its own, to be in effect until the health department says it's safe to turf people again (so, probably April~June). I'm calling legal aid to check, but given that every two miles is a new ZIP code in MA, and that no one sane would rent to me on my current (lack of) income, my best bet may be to stay exactly where I am until someone finds a way to remove me. I just got in touch with the person who was paying utilities and I'm going to try to negotiate paying THEM for it all, so I'm not subject to all the fees involved in transferring everything into my own name.  I've been referred to some other, smaller funds, but to be honest, I'm not sure what to apply for. The problem that I have is not a temporary matter of "I need